Hercules Invictus

Larger Than Life Living in the World Today

(c) 1975-2019 Hercules Invictus

With the Horn of Summoning still in hand, I exit the temple and peer purposefully into the murky skies near where I myself once hovered. I can detect faint presences, spirits that have answered my summons who will help me in carrying out my Olympian Mission.

Some take on form while others remain formless, but this I know: all who have responded will assist me in some unique and important way.


And with this realization the vision starts to fade. I am blessed with a brief glimpse of the ruins restored to their former glory. The sky is lambent, blue and clear. There are mythic beings engaged in joyous activity, I myself among them. And I realize that this is Mount Olympus, my eternal point of origin and return, my Heaven and my soul's true home.

I glimpse the top of a mountain, shrouded in mist. Hovering on high, I can discern the ruins of an ancient acropolis complex in the timeless twilight. 

I wait alone, formless in the silence.

In time a lone figure, powerfully built and clad in the skin of a lion, makes his way towards the abandoned temple of 'The Highest'. His hair and beard are still mostly brown, though streaked with white and gray. In his right hand he wields a knobby club studded with bronze. My consciousness enters this figure and henceforth I see through his eyes.

I know that I am now Hercules, son of Zeus and progenitor of my line.

Entering the fallen structure, I move through it unerringly until I reach a rectangular stone table, a long-neglected altar to the Olympians. Upon the altar is an antique horn, 'from a Heavenly Bull' I tell myself. I then realize that I have been here many times before and that I know exactly what I must do.

The horn is of monstrous size and etched with arcane glyphs. Some of the etchings are inlaid with silver. I put down my club, cautiously lift the artefact to my lips, then blow into the smaller end with all my strength. 

The bellowing call echoes through the firmaments.

The Primal Vision

Note: This waking-dream sequence, which I first experienced in my early childhood, has accompanied me, guided me, and informed me throughout my life, The vision is as vivid today as it was when it first visited me.  And as I progress through my earthly sojourn, the ending becomes increasingly more vivid and clear.