An Age of Heroes Initiative
Podcasts: Season One: 1-8

Episode 01: S1-01 Wednesday 7/12/17
Topic A:
Delayed Choice and the Nature of Reality

Guest A: Anthony Hernandez

From: The Enlightened Savage

Topic B: The New Golden Age Starts Now

Guests B: Michael & Dianne Dunkin

From: The Sixth Revelation

Topic C: Little Stone Bridge Pathworkings

Guest C: Rev.Terry Power HP

From: Spiritual Unity Radio Network

Episode 02: S1-02 Wednesday 7/19/17
Topic A: Bergen Resource Net

Guest A: Kathy Werheim MA, MPA

From: Bergen's Promise

Topic B: The Creative Journey

Guest B: Jessie James Reklaw

Author, Artist, Musician

From: Watermelon Webworks LLC

Episode 03: S1-03 Wednesday 7/26/17
Topic A: My Mythic Mentor

Guest A: Timothy Green Beckley

From: Inner Light Publications, Exploring the Bizarre

Topic B: Never Give Up

Guest B: Jacqueline Brennan

Author: Mystery of the Rainbow

Episode 04: S1-04 Wednesday 8/2/17
Topic A: The Mount Olympus Fitness Challenge

Guest A: Bronto Sproximo

From: The Order of Ares

Topic B: Our Divine Heritage

Guest B: Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D.

Author: DNA of the Gods, Wars of the Annunaki

Episode 05: S1-05 Wednesday 8/9/17

Topic A: Northern Valley Greenway Project

Guest A: Christine Evron

From: Tenafly Chamber of Commerce

Topic B: The Path to Prosperous Freedom

Guest B: D/C Russ

From: Alignmentality

Episode 06: S1-06 Wednesday 8/16/17
Topic A: Dreaming The Amber Dragon

Guest A: Linda Marciniak

From: The Amber Dragon

Topic B: Creating the Suzerain Multiverse

Guest B: Miles M. Kantir CEO

From: Savage Mojo

Episode 07: S1-07 Wednesday 8/23/17
Topic: The Enchanted Self

Guest: Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Author & Women's Empowerment Psychologist

opic B: Dreamstarter

Guest B: Annette Rochelle Aben

Author, Editor & Communication Expert

Episode 08: S1-08 Wednesday 8/30/17
Theurgy: Conduit for Divine Action

Guests: Brandy Williams, Bruce MacLennan, Tony Mierzwicki

Authors & Theurgists

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