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Podcasts: Season One: 17-25

An Age of Heroes Initiative

Episode 17: S1-17 Wednesday 11/1/17
Topic: Hermes, Synchronicities and Cosmic Codes

Guest: Chris Hardy

Episode 18: S1-18 Wednesday 11/8/17
Topic A: The Memory Diet

Guests A: The Double Energy Twins: Judi and Shari Zucker

Topic B: Cyber-Security

Guest B: Christine Evron, President, Tenafly CoC

Topic C: Radical Manifestation

Guests C: D/C and Carla Russ from Align-Mentality

Episode 19: S1-19 Wednesday 11/15/17
Topic A: Ritual of Gratitude

Guests A: Kac Young, Ph.D.

Author: The Supposedly Enlightened Person's Guide to Raising a Dog, The Healing Art of Essential Oils, Cheese Dome Power

Topic B: New Adventures

Guest B: Clyde Clark from Savage Mojo

Episode 20: 
S1-20 Wednesday 11/22/17

Topic A: The Power of Archetypes

Guest Author: Marie D. Jones

Topic B: A Call From Heaven

Guest Author: Josie Varga

Episode 21: S1-21 Wednesday 11/29/17

Topic A: Sekhmet

Guest Author: Nicki Scully

Topic B: The Feeling Path

Guest: Joan Whitaker

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