Olympian Sci-Fi

Our Mythic Atlantis events and Meetups are where our face-to-face interactions with fandom often take place.

StarGate Olympus is our Interactive Storytelling activity. It encourages reading and celebrates Science Fiction.  The Time Wars is our current unfolding adventure.

We review Science Fiction books, movies, games and other media in Olympian Sci-Fi and OtherWorld Reviews.


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The God-Chariot Hermes and the God Chariot Chronos are our primary vehicles for interacting with Sci-Fi Fandom.

Pride of Olympus

Our Olympian Workshops often explore or incorporate Science-Fiction themes. Return of the Robots is our latest series to incorporate Science Fiction.

Larger than Life Living in the World Today

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Whenever we have them available, we give away FREE Sci-Fi books and other media to our participants, or donate them to local institutions, such as public libraries.


Mount Olympus Presents: