Pride of Olympus

A guided tour of the Astral Realms between our Earth and the Empyrean, or Highest Heaven.  Using guided visualization and interactive imagination techniques, we will briefly visit each Heaven, meet the Olympian Planetary Powers that rule them, the Angels and Unique Entities assigned to them, the Ascended and Planetary Beings that assist them, and the transformational techniques they offer us to assist with our Ascension. Ancient understandings of the Seven Heavens are also compared with New Age revelations. 

1. The Sun               Saturday July 9, 2016     
2. The Moon            Saturday August 20, 2016
3. Mercury               Saturday October 15, 2016
4. Venus                  Saturday November 12, 2016
5. Mars                     Saturday December 10, 2016
6. Jupiter
7. Saturn
8. The Empyrean

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The Seven Heavens

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