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Establishing our Temenos is our current priority. The word Temenos means Sacred Space in Greek.

The Olympian Starseeds Initiative is a support system for incarnate Olympians and the archetypal Olympian patterns embedded in humanity. It provides community and disseminates information to all Light Workers and Starseeds dedicated to Human Potential, the Ascension process, Transcendence and the Great Awakening on Gaia.

Hercules and Athena are the Lord and Lady of the Solar and Lunar Orbs. They are the Elohim who Guide all who tread the Heroic Path. Hercules Invictus and Athena Victory are their vehicles of expression in this sphere of activity.

Mount Olympus is the Pride of Olympus' Home Base. It was  glimpsed, first in ruins then subsequently restored, in Hercules' Primal Vision. Mount Olympus is the ultimate inspiration for Elysium, the Ideal Place we strive to actualize on Gaia. 

The Olympian Embassy establishes contact and forms working relationships with organizations dedicated to the Ascension process, actualizing Human Potential,

Transcendence and the Great Awakening on Gaia.

Our Olympian Workshops disseminate Celestial information, explore Cosmic themes, and invite public participation.

Olympian Spheres of Service


Larger than Life Living in the World Today

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On our Interviews site we get to know out-of-this-world individuals who are actively engaged in fulfilling their own cosmic missions. 

Mount Olympus Presents: 


The Pride of Olympus also champions the cause of Cosmic Olympianism and safeguards the path of Mythic Ascension, also known as Apotheosis. These adventures are chronicled in our Pride of Olympus e-radio show.

The Pride of Olympus is our Sun-Chariot. It is a manifestation of the First Cosmic Ray and represents the Divine Will of the Olympian Council, also known as the Astra Planeta and the Theon Hemerai in this Tree of Worlds.  The Pride of Olympus currently serves as a shamanic vehicle for exploring the Seven Heavens, the Vault of Heaven and the In-Between Realms.