Season Three

Voice of Olympus

Episodes # 51-60

Mount Olympus Presents:

Episode 51: S3-01 Monday 2/27/17

Topic: The Golden Age of Greece: The Unariun Revelations

Guests: Celeste Appel, Lani Calvert

From: The Unarius Academy of Science

Episode 52: S3-02 Monday 3/6/17

Topic: Sword & Sandal Cinema

Guests: Brian Walker

From: Brian's Drive-In Theater

Episode 53: S3-03 Monday 3/13/17

Topic: The Golden Fleece: Abundance
Guest A: D/C Russ

From: Align-Mentality

Guest B: Linda Marciniak
From: Amber Dragon

Episode 54: S3-04 Monday 3/20/17

Topic: The Mysteries of Theurgy

Guests: Jean-Louis de Biasi

Author: Rediscover the Magick of the Gods and Goddesses

Episode 55: S3-05 Monday 3/27/17

Topic A: The Father Announces His 10 Year Plan

Guests: Interfaith Argonauts Michael and Dianne Dunkin

Topic B: Interfaith Dialogue

Guests: Interfaith Argonauts

Episode 56: S3-06 Monday 4/3/17

Topic: The Golden Fleece: Optimal Wellness
Guest A: Circe the Enchantress

Guest B: Renee Harrison

Episode 57: S3-07 Monday 4/10/17

Topic: The Iconic Steve Reeves

Guest: George Helmer

From: Steve Reeves International

Episode 58: S3-08 Monday 4/17/17 

Topic: The Golden Fleece: Optimal Wellness/Legendary Living

Guests: Sandra Martin

Author: Snapshots: Memories & Recipes
Topic: Is The Urantia Book Modeled After the Greek Gods?
Guests B: Michael and Dianne Dunkin

Episode 59: S3-09 Monday 4/24/17

Topic A: Interfaith and the Order of Ares

Guest: Interfaith Argonaut Bronto Sproximo

Topic B: Interfaith Dialogue

Guests: Interfaith Argonauts

Episode 60:
S3-10 Monday 5/1/17

Topic A: The Urantia Book and the Greek Gods

Guests: Michael and Dianne Dunkin

From: The Urantia Book LA, The Sixth Revelation

Topic B: A Writer's Spiritual Journey

Guest Author: Jacquelyn Ann Rivers



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